Special Services, Safety and Accessibility

We are pleased to offer an array of travel "accessories" that make travel accessible and comfortable to those with disabilities, enhance travel security both financially and physically and offer peace of mind so you can truly enjoy your vacation or focus on the task at hand while traveling for work.

Our security and evacuation plans, offered through MedJet, provide coverage for all travel whether it be personal or business, vacation or corporate event; you're covered.

In addition to oxygen supplies and equipment; we offer rental of wheelchairs, beach wheelchairs, scooters, and other accessibility equipment.  Our provider services all major cruise lines and airlines as well as all major hotels and other convention halls.

Click this button to open the US State Department's "Smart Traveler Enrollment Program" registration page.

Registering with the State Department gives them a list of American Citizens that will be in any foreign location at any given time.  This information is used in even of a natural or man-made disaster, unrest/riots and other situations where the US Government may need to step in and help arrange evacuation to a safe haven (largely at the expense of the traveler.)

Click this button to visit our MedJet Assist and MedJet Horizon information and enrollment pages.

MedJet Assist offers extremely affordable medical evacuation and repatriation annual memberships.  In the event you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home MedJet will coordinate and provide medical evacuation and repatriation to the hospital of your choice; regardless of "medical necessity."  Almost all travel insurance plans will only pay to evacuate you to "the nearest appropriate facility" which may very well be in the city or country you are visiting.  MedJet will take you where you want to go (within your home country.)

MedJet Horizon adds security and safety services and evacuation, in addition to other services and features, to the MedJet Assist package.

Click this button to be taken to our accessible travel page where you can arrange the rental of medical equipment and oxygen.